Ashly Carabetta Announced as the New Executive Director


On Tuesday, September 4th, Ashly Carabetta was named the Executive Director for Coastal Steward Long Island (CSLI). Ashly has served on the Board of Directors for CSLI for the last two years. “This is an exciting and new opportunity for Coastal Steward Long Island and myself, and I am incredibly humbled, honored, and thrilled to accept the position.” 

Ashly received her Master’s degree in Marine Biodiversity and Conservation from Scripps Institution of Oceanography in California. After living in a few cities around the U.S., Ashly wanted to move back to New York, not only for family and friends but because, “Long Island is a place that I love and a place I know well, as it is one of the richest places for biodiversity of wildlife in its waters, along its coastline, and on land. I love the “wild side” of New York and I wanted to help people see what I see, and to learn from those who have been experiencing it for longer than I have. Coastal Steward Long Island stood out to me as an organization who genuinely cared about their work, about inspiring young minds, and was working overtime to keep their mission going. This is a fantastic opportunity to give back, apply my education and knowledge as well as share the great gifts of the shoreline with many others.” 

Ashly has 10 years’ experience across multiple industries, both for nonprofits and in the corporate sector, and has developed a strong background in office management, research, and community outreach.

“We have long lamented the lack of a dedicated individual that would have the time and resources to further our programs and agendas—we now have, in my opinion, the ideal person to do just that.” 

– Denis Mellett, President of the Board of Directors 

Coastal Steward Long Island’s mission is to restore and preserve Long Island’s coastline through education, raising public awareness, and community action. For more information or to volunteer, reach out to Ashly at