Miller Place & Great Brookhaven Cleanups 2018


Miller Place Beach Cleanup at Landing Road (5/22/18)

It was another wet day in May on the beach, but that didn't stop our volunteers!

With the support of the Town of Brookhaven and the Office of Councilwoman Jane Bonner, Coastal Steward worked with the Ward Melville High School Fishing Club and local residents to clean up the Miller Place beach. This area was devastated by winter storms, which deposited garbage and wood debris throughout the shore. Jane worked alongside the group throughout the cleanup and presented the Fishing Club with a Certificate of Appreciation from the town for their efforts.

The combined efforts of the group resulted in removing 7,720 pounds of garbage and debris.


The Great Brookhaven Cleanup (5/19/18)

Despite the inclement weather, Coastal Steward volunteers were out cleaning the Mount Sinai Harbor in support of the Town of Brookhaven's Annual Beach Cleanup.

Our group concentrated in a tidal area of the harbor that is notorious for the collection of floating debris.

After walking through mud and water, the volunteers were able to collect over a dozen bags of garbage, wood, and even pallets in the Southeast corner of the harbor, these volunteers were also granted a Certificate of Appreciation from the Town of Brookhaven.