Deer Park High School's 2019 MESC Field Trip

June 17, 2019 Deer Park High School’s Life Skills class arrived to the Marine Environmental Stewardship Center (MESC) for their third annual summer field trip! The class is comprised of about fifteen students whose ages range from 15 to 21 years old, whose curriculum revolves around hands-on life experience outside of the classroom. 

The students began their day outside the MESC, where they examined different species of crab and fish in the outdoor touch tanks. They ventured inside the building to watch an educational video, experience the touch screen interactive games, and see even more marine life inside their tanks. Then, they took a stroll to the nearby nature walk where they saw blooming cacti, several species of trees, and learned about the benefits of bat houses. While sitting down for an early lunch in the shaded area behind the MESC, a deer ate alongside them in the tall grass. 

For the remainder of the afternoon, the class used the seine nets and underwater viewers to catch and examine a large number of fish, along with a few hermit crabs. The day ended with a trip to the shellfish hatchery, where many of the oysters were fully grown and being sorted by size. The students were welcome to hold shellfish of all sizes before making their way back to the MESC and boarding the bus back to Deer Park. 

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